Independence Day Parade Application

Application Deadline - June 15th

Late submissions are being accepted until June 30th with a $10 late fee, however they will not be judged if they are submitted after June 15th, and therefore will not qualify for the cash prize.
To give us time to properly review, approve, and organize the parade, submissions will not be accepted after June 30th.

To increase parade safety and quality for attendees, we have updated our rules.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Cedar City Lions Club Independence Day Parade

 Thursday, July 4, 2024. 

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY All registrations must to be submitted by 10pm, Saturday, June 15. 2024. 


  • Demonstrate the parade theme– “Freedom is the Greatest Gift” Entries will be judged and awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with prizes of $500, $300, or $200, respectively.
  • An Entry space is defined as 35 feet from the front of entry (vehicle included). This does not include parade spacing. 
    • If your entry is longer, you will need to sign up for additional separate spaces. Please sign up for the appropriate number of entry spaces to accommodate length of your entry(s). There is a $10 fee for each additional space.
  • Safety Walkers (SW): Provide (2) designated persons per entry space, must be a minimum age of 18 years, (larger entries will require additional walkers). 
    • A SW walks along each side of the entries to monitor the sidelines and keep spectators away from the entry. 
    • All SW’s must be present w/entry to check-in to receive designation badges.  Badges must be worn throughout the event.  Entries without the appropriate number of walkers will not be permitted to proceed.
  • Designated Distribution Personnel (DDP): Provide sufficient DDP to safely handle and distribute your handouts/candy. 
    • DDP must be in addition to and separate from SWs, and must be a minimum age of 12 years old. No min. or max. number of DDP’s.
    • All DDP’s must be present w/entry at check-in to receive designation badges.  Badges must be worn throughout the event.  

PARADE RULES: – These are essential for the safety and enjoyment of the participants and spectators. These must be followed or your entry will be pulled from the parade.

  • THEME: All entries: Decorate your entry according to the Theme. We strive to make this a festive event and love to see the creativity and patriotism of the community shine.
  • FLOATS: Floats should be designed and built to tolerate some wind. Care should be given to avoid any fire hazard or structure which could fall or land on participants, or spectators. No open flame or fireworks are allowed. Entrant is fully and personally responsible for the structure, function, and any hazard posted by your entry.
  • VEHICLES: A licensed driver must drive any motorized vehicles. This includes all motorcycles, ATVs, floats or towed vehicles, and any other which could not be legally operated within the city without a proper license. No exceptions will be allowed.
    • All motorcycles, ATVs, etc. must be operated in accordance with their manufacturer’s specifications. This includes any limits on the number of persons riding on or in the vehicle.
    • All vehicles will move with the parade in a slow and safe manner. There will be no exhibitions of speed or other maneuvering by drivers.
  • DISTANCE: All entries are to stay within 30 yards of the entry preceding it. Special dance, drill, horse, etc., or other maneuvers must keep moving with the parade. NO STOPPING, this causes obvious delays and is not permitted.
  • HANDOUTS/CANDY: All items are to be distributed along the parade route sidelines (i.e. the fog line) by the Designated Distribution Personnel (DDP), to the right or left of the Safety Walkers (SW):  at the white/yellow fog lines. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Items cannot be stored on the entry; this is imperative for safety concerns. Plan appropriately. 
    • NO throwing or distributing from the entries will be tolerated. Items can only be distributed from the white and yellow roadside fog lines nearest the spectators. 
    • The Designated Distributor Persons (DDP) must be separate from the Safety Walkers (SW). Parents with Strollers are permitted but DDP must be 12 years or older and able to follow guidelines. No children under 12 walking with DDP or parents’ w/strollers due to safety concerns.
  • ARRIVAL: All entries, with all riders or participants, will be in place 1 hour prior to the parade starting time. Please have sufficient supervision or chaperones for your entry for safety and organization purposes. Please provide adequate hydration for your participants. We will provide Porta-Putty’s by the registration area for your convenience.

Please use common sense and be alert to all moving vehicles and trailers. Be courteous and follower parking directions! Talk to your group members about staying safely out of the way of moving traffic. Do not block traffic or other entries with vehicles or animal trailers on the street or in the parking lot. 

Parade begins at 9:00 am. Please arrive BY 7:30 am. at the SUU PE Building parking lot (300 W Center Street) for Check-in and line-up number/location. Must have all SW & DDP’s present at check-in. 

Parade Route: 300 W Center Street east to Main Street then north to 400 North (Mountain America).  Return:  Will be updated.

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